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Business opportunity: Medicines, vaccines and veterinary services

There is a near complete lack of veterinary services in the market. The objective of this document is to highlight the opportunity for businesses to incorporate veterinary services and the import and distribution of poultry medicines and vaccines into their businesses within the Sierra Leonean poultry sector, and to improve veterinary service delivery.

Business opportunity: Alternative supply of day-old chicks

Currently one main supplier serves the market, with one breed of chick. It would be beneficial to the market to introduce another breed that is cheaper and at least of equal quality. This document highlights the opportunity for businesses to incorporate the import and distribution of an alternative supply of quality and low-cost day-old chicks in the Sierra Leonean poultry sector.

Business opportunity: Poultry feed concentrate import and distribution

This market research and business opportunity development was led by SOBA. The objective was to establish a sound basis and shared understanding of poultry sector investment in Sierra Leone. The document aims to highlight the business opportunity present for new players for the import and distribution of poultry feed concentrate.

Poultry farmers baseline study

This study validates earlier findings by SOBA on the challenges of the poultry industry. It also aimed to gather key information on poultry farmers, layer birds, egg production, feed and maize demand, and to assess farmers’ interest in buying ready-made poultry feed. The findings can be used to find various entry points for SOBA and to also assess the feasibility of having a feed mill in Sierra Leone.

Pitch Night: How to guide

Pitch Night provides budding entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone the opportunity to pitch their post-revenue business. At pitch night, entrepreneurs provide a holistic view of their businesses to a vibrant Sierra Leonean entrepreneur community – allowing them to market their businesses, solicit feedback and advice, and to form potential partnerships.

Lion Mountains: Case study on innovative rice packaging and marketing

SOBA partnered with Lion Mountains, a rice processing company, to trial innovative packaging and marketing tactics. This case study showcases how Lion Mountains successfully unlocked a new market for local rice through these innovations. The result was increased access and demand for quality, affordable, locally produced rice and a new, growing market for Sierra Leone rice farmers and traders.