Application process

It is easy to apply, and our team is here to help you along the application process

How to apply

If you are a domestic or international investor who is looking to invest in Sierra Leonean firms, please submit a short Concept Note application form to us.

The application and contracting process

PROSPER Salone adopts a three-stage application approach:

How to start the process

Simply fill in the Concept Note application form. It is a very brief form (not more than 6 pages long) which aims to help us understand basic information about your business and your proposed project.

Information required for the Concept Note

  • About your company
  • The key objectives and rationale for your project
  • Which of the eligible areas your project will address
  • How your project is also going to deliver significant benefits to firms and the overall investment climate in Sierra Leone
  • Estimated risks
  • Project workplan, timelines and budget.