Introduction to COMPETE Salone

COMPETE Salone is a competitive grant facility, financed by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, which helps businesses to develop new environmentally and socially sustainable products and approaches that generate new jobs, climate resilience and a thriving private sector.

COMPETE Salone aims to harness the strengths of the private sector to generate and test new ideas. A key objective is to prove the viability of new business models that integrate Sierra Leonean producers and companies into export value chains and enhance the capacity for such projects to be replicated and scaled up on a commercial basis.

COMPETE Salone works by offering a matching grant to the private sector to test new approaches, products, and markets that they would not be prepared to pursue on a purely commercial basis.

View our COMPETE Salone Overview Infographic here to learn more.

Supported by FCDO through the Invest Salone programme, COMPETE Salone is designed to be a quick, responsive mechanism that is not overly bureaucratic and understands the needs of the private sector. For questions about COMPETE Salone, please contact us at