Who can apply?

  • We fund projects led by international and/or domestic investors to enhance their business case to enter the Sierra Leone market
  • Investors should demonstrate sound financial performance and the capacity to implement the proposed activity
  • Investors should provide matching funds that are at least 20-30% of the total cost of the supported activity

The matching funds can be a combination of in-kind and cash contributions and this grant money comes with no interest or other charges attached.

The application process

To be eligible for a PROSPER Salone grant, applications must:

  • Clearly articulate the activity needing funding
  • Explain how the activity is different to the investors’ existing activities and how they would not be able to move forward without PROSPER Salone funding
  • Show how the proposed investment project idea is related to promoting positive social and environmental impact
  • Have a plan for commercial sustainability
  • Contribute to building an investor ecosystem in Sierra Leone

How we help

PROSPER Salone helps investors to:

  • Gain up-to-date information on comparative returns
  • Understand the legal, accounting and regulatory environment
  • Reduce the costs of pipeline development
  • Access better data on market feasibility
  • Connect with entrepreneurs

Register your interest

If you are an international or domestic investor with a good investment idea and are committed to investing in Sierra Leone, please view the application process to submit a concept note. Our team will respond to all applicants that meet the criteria above. Applications are being considered on a rolling basis subject to available funds.