Apply for a PROSPER Salone grant

Submit the Concept Note Application Form

The Concept Note is the first part of the application process to the PROSPER Salone Facility. Applicants wanting to participate for consideration for PROSPER Salone funding must initially complete a Concept Note.

The Concept Note allows applicants to briefly present how ideas respond to the funding window requirements. A Concept Note is a brief outline of your proposed project. It is designed to provide the PROSPER Salone Investment Committee, which makes all the decisions on PROSPER Salone grants, with an overview of your business and proposed project.

Next steps

Those applicants who are successful at the Concept Note application stage will complete the following steps:

  • The PROSPER Salone team will work with the applicant to develop a full intervention note outlining the budget and plans for the grant outcomes
  • The PROSPER Salone Investment Committee will review the intervention note and budget
  • If approved for a grant, the applicant will undergo strict due diligence to ensure compliance with the FCDO Code of Conduct
  • If the due diligence is passed by the applicant, the PROSPER Salone team will draft a grant agreement to be signed by both parties.

If you have a question that has not been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section, or if you would like to discuss your Concept Note in confidence, please contact us at and