Invest Salone aims to facilitate investment in the agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing and tourism sectors to help raise the income of 370,000 citizens of Sierra Leone.


Transforming agribusiness through agricultural investment.

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Unlocking the potential of Sierra Leone's coastal resources.

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Boosting manufacturing and exporting through investment in Sierra Leone.

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Growing Sierra Leone's natural beauty through cultural and eco-tourism.

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Reducing the risk of doing business in Sierra Leone through investment climate reform

Invest Salone is working with the public and private sectors to identify, design and implement reforms that will reduce the costs and risks of doing business in Sierra Leone. The initiative will support the development of investment climate reforms that benefit citizens across the country.

Applying market systems development principles to mobilise the private sector

Invest Salone mobilises the capabilities and resources of the private sector in order to support the people of Sierra Leone. The initiative works with firms, investors, and business associations to catalyse shifts in the behaviour of the market system, offering market incentives to trigger enduring positive change.

Encouraging investment and exports to support domestic firms and international trade

Invest Salone is working to attract investors and exporters to the Sierra Leone market, helping local firms to expand their businesses and sales whilst also encouraging international trade. The initiative works with investors to help them identify and support investible businesses and potential export partners.

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