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Explore this resource bank to find toolkits, advice and information for business in Sierra Leone, as well as COVID-19 resources including health advice, policy responses and guides for businesses. Search key words or use the filter buttons to refine your search.

Spotlight on Innovation: Red Lion Bakery goes online

This series showcases businesses in Sierra Leone that are finding innovative ways to operate. The Red Lion Bakery became the first bakery in Sierra Leone to introduce online sales. Read about their story here.

Topic: Entrepreneurship and innovation
Sector: Other
Geographic Focus: Sierra Leone
Published by: Invest Salone

Private sector COVID-19 research list

A list of studies on COVID-19 in response to the impact of the pandemic on the private sector in Sierra Leone. The aim of this initiative is to support collaboration and knowledge sharing between researchers and those who will benefit from research on COVID-19. The list provides a summary of research objectives, status and point of contact for each item, and will be regularly updated by the Invest Salone research team to include new and completed research.