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Spotlight on Innovation: Red Lion Bakery goes online

This series showcases businesses in Sierra Leone that are finding innovative ways to operate. The Red Lion Bakery became the first bakery in Sierra Leone to introduce online sales. Read about their story here.

Topic: Entrepreneurship and innovation
Sector: Other
Geographic Focus: Sierra Leone
Published by: Invest Salone

The future of work in Africa: The roles of skills, informality, and social protection in unleashing the promise of digital technologies for all

This article discusses a new World Bank report about how sub-Saharan African countries could benefit from well-harnessed technological adoption and how supportive policies and investments are needed to put lower-skilled and lower-educated workers in a position to benefit from digital technology adoption.

The state of entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone: Snapshot

This snapshot outlines the key issues that hamper the productivity of Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurial landscape across SOBA’s main focus areas. Interventions conducted by SOBA and other players in the ecosystem are also discussed. Full details of how the pillars of entrepreneurship impact small and growing businesses can be found in the full report.

The state of entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone: Full report

This is a study on the impact of each of the pillars of entrepreneurial ecosystems (Business Support, Finance, Human Capital, Culture, Policy, R&D, Infrastructure and Markets) on small and growing businesses. There are also policy recommendations for each pillar. In addition to details of these pillars, there are informative sections (1) Sierra Leone successful growth entrepreneurs characteristics and stories and (2) data base of business support services available to entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.

Smart subsidy implementation guide

The ‘Smart Subsidy’ Implementation Guide is a manual for those interested in implementing a market-oriented subsidy and learning from Sierra Leone’s Smart Subsidy Pilot. This pilot was designed as a proof of concept and the primary purpose was to test, adapt and learn.

Smart subsidies pilot programme

Demonstrating a new, more efficient and market-oriented approach to boosting farmer productivity in Sierra Leone. In addition to demonstrating that the country’s nascent commercial ag-sector can procure, transport and sell ag-inputs to farmers – the pilot also demonstrates how off-the-shelf digital technologies can be leveraged to improve farmer targeting as well as to increase data collection efficiency, fidelity and transparency.

SOBA Poultry partners

Map of Sierra Leone showing the maize-growing districts of the country. The map also shows the location and descriptions of poultry farmers, together with the location of significant associated businesses and services. These include organisations such as veterinary service providers, feed distributors and maize aggregators.

SOBA small solar market analysis

This is a research document that examines the limitations of the Sierra Leone’s pico and solar home system market. It highlights some of the constraints that prevent the solar market from developing and achieving impact for low-income households across the country. There are also recommendations and opportunities for Sierra Leone to improve the performance of the small solar market.