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Textiles in Sierra Leone

Diversifying Sierra Leone’s economy is essential for the country’s economic and social development. Traditional Sierra Leonean textiles such as gara (a form of tie dye) and country cloth (cotton cloth hand woven in narrow strips and sewn together) offer opportunities to tap into a dynamic global fashion market.

Network analysis of vegetable trade & trade-related communications

Presentation on vegetable and trade communications flows. It explains the need for a network analysis, the components of the network – from the basic elements and parameters to the statistics of the vegetable and inputs trade and associated revenues. The presentation also discusses the differences between male and female involvement in trade.

COVID-19 and the impact on women

Drawing on research from previous epidemics, such as SARS and Ebola, this blog from the International Growth Centre indicates that women are impacted differently by health crises and epidemics. The blog covers both social and economic impacts which the COVID-19 crisis could have on women and suggests policy recommendations to overcome these.

Sierra Leone Action Plan 2019-2021

This action plan, created by the Open Government Partnership and the Government of Sierra Leone, outlines the action the Sierra Leonean government will take to increase political transparency and engage citizens. The plan details eight commitments pledged by the Government of Sierra Leone to achieve five grand challenges: improving public services, increasing public integrity, more effective management of public resources, creating safer communities, and improving corporate accountability.