Resource bank

The Invest Salone Resource Bank brings together a collection of resources related to Invest Salone’s work to encourage investment, generate exports, create jobs and diversify four key sectors in Sierra Leone. Pooling resources produced by Invest Salone and external contributors, this tool will grow to provide a broad range of resources related to investing and doing business in Sierra Leone. Use the filters below to explore the resources by type, sector, topic and more.

Invest Salone: The agricultural sector

Agriculture is a critical component of Sierra Leone’s economy. Discover how Invest Salone’s works with agribusinesses and large-scale production companies with the potential to receive investment or enter export markets.

Topic: Investment and export promotion
Sector: Agriculture
Geographic Focus: Sierra Leone
Published by: Invest Salone

Made in Salone: Transforming oil palm production in Sierra Leone

By incorporating smallholders into their supply chain, firms in Sierra Leone have identified a competitive opportunity to support local agriculture and contribute to rural livelihoods. Find out how Jolaks, a palm oil refinery and processing plant in Wellington, Sierra Leone, is transforming oil palm production.

Topic: Made in Salone
Sector: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Oil palm
Geographic Focus: Sierra Leone
Published by: Invest Salone

United Nations (UN) Goodwill Ambassadors, Idris and Sabrina Elba, launch appeal for IFAD’s $200 million coronavirus relief fund for rural communities

An International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) news article about the IFAD Rural Poor Stimulus Facility which aims to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on rural small-scale farmers and producers…