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Network analysis of vegetable trade & trade-related communications

Presentation on vegetable and trade communications flows. It explains the need for a network analysis, the components of the network – from the basic elements and parameters to the statistics of the vegetable and inputs trade and associated revenues. The presentation also discusses the differences between male and female involvement in trade.

Customer experience in Sierra Leone agricultural sector

Most farmers in Sierra Leone consider that the available inputs in the country are of good quality but they feel that these inputs are rarely available through their local agro dealers. Farmers feel that financial constraints to purchase more inputs, access to labour, and systematic stock outs are major barriers for their farming to flourish.

Invest in Sierra Leone: Opportunities in agricultural inputs

This document is intended to inform potential investors about the opportunities for the provision of agricultural inputs in Sierra Leone. In addition to the historical context of the country, there is an overview of the economy. This information covers the country’s resilience during periods of financial crisis and its efforts to attain middle-income status.

Smart subsidy implementation guide

The ‘Smart Subsidy’ Implementation Guide is a manual for those interested in implementing a market-oriented subsidy and learning from Sierra Leone’s Smart Subsidy Pilot. This pilot was designed as a proof of concept and the primary purpose was to test, adapt and learn.

Smart subsidies pilot programme

Demonstrating a new, more efficient and market-oriented approach to boosting farmer productivity in Sierra Leone. In addition to demonstrating that the country’s nascent commercial ag-sector can procure, transport and sell ag-inputs to farmers – the pilot also demonstrates how off-the-shelf digital technologies can be leveraged to improve farmer targeting as well as to increase data collection efficiency, fidelity and transparency.

SOBA Poultry partners

Map of Sierra Leone showing the maize-growing districts of the country. The map also shows the location and descriptions of poultry farmers, together with the location of significant associated businesses and services. These include organisations such as veterinary service providers, feed distributors and maize aggregators.

The power of collective action: The evolution of the Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) & Sierra Leone’s solar market growth

The Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) has played a pivotal role in driving renewable energy policy reforms and streamlining policy actualisation in Sierra Leone. REASL has leveraged the power of collaboration and solidarity, as well as its dynamic and ambitious membership, to cement its role as the leading renewable energy force in Sierra Leone.

SOBA small solar market analysis

This is a research document that examines the limitations of the Sierra Leone’s pico and solar home system market. It highlights some of the constraints that prevent the solar market from developing and achieving impact for low-income households across the country. There are also recommendations and opportunities for Sierra Leone to improve the performance of the small solar market.

Poultry farm guide

This guidebook was developed by multiple poultry experts and reflects learning from Sierra Leone. It is intended for small poultry farmers in Sierra Leone who want to increase farm productivity and profitability. The book offers detailed technical recommendations, including farm set-up, bird selection, bird rearing, feed management and record keeping.