Resource bank

The Invest Salone Resource Bank brings together a collection of resources related to Invest Salone’s work to encourage investment, generate exports, create jobs and diversify four key sectors in Sierra Leone. Pooling resources produced by Invest Salone and external contributors, this tool will grow to provide a broad range of resources related to investing and doing business in Sierra Leone. Use the filters below to explore the resources by type, sector, topic and more.

Putting money where the impact is: A PROSPER Salone case study supporting clean, green energy and livelihoods

Find out how one successful PROSPER Salone grant-winner used its funding to develop a pipeline of potential companies in Sierra Leone for investment and supported one business to expand their green energy services.

Topic: Investment, PROSPER Salone
Sector: Energy
Geographic Focus: Sierra Leone
Published by: Invest Salone

Solar market snapshot – Financing gap

Current financial analysis indicates that: solar distributors in Sierra Leone are high risk investments; distributors require significant working capital to finance needs but find limited financing options; and long-term consumer…

The power of collective action: The evolution of the Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) & Sierra Leone’s solar market growth

The Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) has played a pivotal role in driving renewable energy policy reforms and streamlining policy actualisation in Sierra Leone. REASL has leveraged the…