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Solar sector – Solar home system market analysis

This document presents analysis of the solar market to better understand the constraints and opportunities faced by the sector and to determine best-placed and systemic investments for the programme. It includes views of solar market limitations and finance constraints. Key constraints include distribution, skills, information and awareness. There is also a snapshot of solar market opportunities and recommendations for SOBA.

Solar market snapshot – Solar home system and solar energy policy

This document presents the government’s view of solar energy in Sierra Leone. In 2013, the government’s National Energy Policy and a Strategic Energy Plan set out their view for the coming years. This included the importance of renewable energy, dealing with regulatory barriers, signature to the Energy Africa Compact and collective action and advocacy.

Solar distributors & SOBA private sector partners

Solar distributors remain challenged with limited working capital, high costs associated with import and transportation requirements and long-term consumer financing, limited low-cost distribution options and limited solar product awareness. SOBA is collaborating with a number of Sierra Leone distributors and international suppliers to overcome these challenges.

Solar market snapshot – Financing gap

Current financial analysis indicates that: solar distributors in Sierra Leone are high risk investments; distributors require significant working capital to finance needs but find limited financing options; and long-term consumer finance is required to grow solar sales. This document also indicates financing alternatives compared to standard commercial options: PAYG solutions; patient capital and impact investment; and blended financing options.

The power of collective action: The evolution of the Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) & Sierra Leone’s solar market growth

The Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) has played a pivotal role in driving renewable energy policy reforms and streamlining policy actualisation in Sierra Leone. REASL has leveraged the power of collaboration and solidarity, as well as its dynamic and ambitious membership, to cement its role as the leading renewable energy force in Sierra Leone.

SOBA small solar market analysis

This is a research document that examines the limitations of the Sierra Leone’s pico and solar home system market. It highlights some of the constraints that prevent the solar market from developing and achieving impact for low-income households across the country. There are also recommendations and opportunities for Sierra Leone to improve the performance of the small solar market.

Teleficient’s pay-as-you-go application in Sierra Leone

Teleficient Communications Ltd is a local company that works in partnership with Azuri Technologies, a leading solar energy provider. This document outlines key findings and recommendations derived from research into Teleficient’s use of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) technology to manage sales and payments for Azuri solar products in Sierra Leone. This approach spreads the cost of a solar energy system as the PAYG controller is activated by weekly scratch card payments.

Solar pay-as-you-go opportunity in Sierra Leone

This document offers pay-as-you-go (PAYG) information to inform distributors entering Sierra Leone’s solar market. It includes an overview of PAYG best practices from aggregated learnings across sub-Saharan Africa to inform the development of the PAYG opportunity in Sierra Leone. The brief also offers recommendations for targeted investments to inform internal business process improvement to support PAYG roll-out and sector-level interventions to support wider PAYG expansion, based on learning in Sierra Leone.