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Solar market snapshot – Solar home system and solar energy policy

This document presents the government’s view of solar energy in Sierra Leone. In 2013, the government’s National Energy Policy and a Strategic Energy Plan set out their view for the coming years. This included the importance of renewable energy, dealing with regulatory barriers, signature to the Energy Africa Compact and collective action and advocacy.

The power of collective action: The evolution of the Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) & Sierra Leone’s solar market growth

The Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) has played a pivotal role in driving renewable energy policy reforms and streamlining policy actualisation in Sierra Leone. REASL has leveraged the power of collaboration and solidarity, as well as its dynamic and ambitious membership, to cement its role as the leading renewable energy force in Sierra Leone.

How Freetown, Sierra Leone is responding to COVID-19

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr of Freetown, Sierra Leone, joins Dr Kelly Henning, who leads the public health programme at Bloomberg Philanthropies, to discuss how Freetown is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, how global mayors are sharing information during the crisis, and what’s keeping mayors hopeful right now.

Coronavirus: for Africa’s sake, the West should be selfish this time

An article from The Africa Report about the dramatic return to Keynesian policies in Africa by those who once kept at arm’s length what they considered a sin: to recognise public services as public goods that are to be properly funded.

Topic: Business resilience, COVID-19, Government and policy
Sector: Other
Geographic Focus: Africa
Published by: The Africa Report