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Customer experience in Sierra Leone agricultural sector

Most farmers in Sierra Leone consider that the available inputs in the country are of good quality but they feel that these inputs are rarely available through their local agro dealers. Farmers feel that financial constraints to purchase more inputs, access to labour, and systematic stock outs are major barriers for their farming to flourish.

Invest in Sierra Leone: Opportunities in agricultural inputs

This document is intended to inform potential investors about the opportunities for the provision of agricultural inputs in Sierra Leone. In addition to the historical context of the country, there is an overview of the economy. This information covers the country’s resilience during periods of financial crisis and its efforts to attain middle-income status.

Poultry farm guide

This guidebook was developed by multiple poultry experts and reflects learning from Sierra Leone. It is intended for small poultry farmers in Sierra Leone who want to increase farm productivity and profitability. The book offers detailed technical recommendations, including farm set-up, bird selection, bird rearing, feed management and record keeping.

Poultry farmers baseline study

This study validates earlier findings by SOBA on the challenges of the poultry industry. It also aimed to gather key information on poultry farmers, layer birds, egg production, feed and maize demand, and to assess farmers’ interest in buying ready-made poultry feed. The findings can be used to find various entry points for SOBA and to also assess the feasibility of having a feed mill in Sierra Leone.

Lion Mountains: Case study on innovative rice packaging and marketing

SOBA partnered with Lion Mountains, a rice processing company, to trial innovative packaging and marketing tactics. This case study showcases how Lion Mountains successfully unlocked a new market for local rice through these innovations. The result was increased access and demand for quality, affordable, locally produced rice and a new, growing market for Sierra Leone rice farmers and traders.

Lion Mountains’ flatbed dryer

Lion Mountains is one of the leading rice processing businesses in Sierra Leone; they provide reliable market access to thousands of small farmers. In order to meet the challenges of drying rice, SOBA connected Lion Mountains with the Formel Industry & National Industrialization Centre (FINIC) who introduced to them the concept of the reversible flatbed dryer.

Ebola in Sierra Leone: economic impact & recovery

The aim of this paper is to show how EVD has affected the Sierra Leonean economy and explores in more detail the different aspects of EVD’s economic impact. This paper also looks at research undertaken in four parts of the country in May 2015. This qualitative research was based on interviews and focus group discussions with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME), farmer groups, government officials and other relevant organisations.