Invest Salone collaborates with the National Revenue Authority on investment climate reforms

Invest Salone is collaborating with the National Revenue Authority (NRA) to support reforms aimed at improving the investment climate in Sierra Leone.

The collaboration was initiated in 2020 by Invest Salone’s Governance and Inclusion Lead, Jeannette Eno, who is working closely with the NRA to explore opportunities in streamlining communications. For both partners, the drive to work together was born out of frequent calls from businesses to ease the burden of customs and excise processes. By supporting the NRA in lightening that load, Invest Salone hopes to make Sierra Leone more attractive for investment, and boost its imports and exports.

The effort was not sidetracked by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic; it simply moved online. “With the onset of COVID-19, opportunities emerged to meet virtually for further discussions around, and with, the private sector,” Eno says. Many of the businesses involved told Invest Salone that greater clarity about the rules and procedures for importing and exporting would greatly reduce the uncertainties and costs of doing business. The Governance and Inclusion Lead believes that this is one area where Invest Salone can support foreign investment in tourism, fisheries, manufacturing and agriculture in Sierra Leone.

Among other things, the programme has agreed to support prompt NRA e-information outreach to businesses through the COVID-19 information portal, a free online resource supporting businesses and investors in Sierra Leone through the pandemic by providing up-to-date, reliable information and resources.

In the year ahead, NRA and Invest Salone will jointly organise sessions for businesses to engage in dialogue with NRA and gain a better understanding of their procedures. Information shared through these dialogues could have a direct impact on how some companies do business in Sierra Leone. If you would like to receive information about upcoming sessions, please send an email to

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