Invest Salone has officially launched!

Invest Salone is proud to have officially launched on 16 September 2019.

Invest Salone is working to catalyse investment in Sierra Leone, making it a place where growth-orientated firms can thrive. Through Invest Salone’s work, firms will be better able to trade, compete and grow due to a fairer investment climate and more efficient market systems.

Sierra Leone has enormous potential for expansive economic growth. For instance, the country has significant hydro and solar energy potential, a large amount of arable and fertile land and the world’s third largest natural harbour in the capital, Freetown. The Invest Salone team is working to ensure that this potential is realised, driving inclusive economic growth that will benefit the people of Sierra Leone.

Invest Salone builds on DFID’s initiative, Sierra Leone Opportunities for Business Action (SOBA), which used a market systems development approach to increase the incomes of 47,000 people and catalyse private investment of £4.6 million in inclusive business models. The Invest Salone team will now develop this further to combine innovative investment climate reforms with market development to make Sierra Leone a place where growth-orientated firms will thrive.

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