Invest Salone facilitates DFI Roundtable

On 18 September, Invest Salone will hold its second investor engagement workshop to discuss investment approaches, challenges and opportunities for businesses operating in Sierra Leone. The virtual meeting will target Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) interested in investing in businesses in Sierra Leone.

According to Invest Salone Team Leader Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie, “DFIs, like other investors, often face challenges filling their pipelines with investible businesses in Sierra Leone. This Roundtable is an opportunity for DFIs to brainstorm around these challenges and identify ways Invest Salone can help DFIs realise their mandates in Sierra Leone. Ultimately, we all want to see investment-ready firms attracting investment, so they can export and compete internationally, thereby creating jobs and raising incomes for more Sierra Leonean women and men.”

Invest Salone aims to improve jobs and incomes for 370,000 Sierra Leoneans by 2025, with outcome targets of additional foreign direct investment into non-extractive sectors, additional yearly exports, and sustained, multi-year buying relationships between Sierra Leone producers and international buyers.

The DFI Roundtable will strengthen collective action among investors targeting Sierra Leone, as well as identifying specific interventions Invest Salone can undertake in the coming months and years to facilitate the work of DFIs.

Invest Salone’s approach aligns with the Government of Sierra Leone’s efforts to attract international investors, creating jobs for its citizens and strengthening the economy.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of UK aid and the programme partners.

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