World Bank approves US$100 million to support economic resilience in Sierra Leone

The World Bank has approved a US$100 million grant to Sierra Leone to support the Government in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth and building economic resilience. 

According to a press release by the World Bank, the Development Policy Financing (DPF) is supporting ongoing reforms to enhance macroeconomic stability, increase productivity in agriculture and fisheries, promote transparency in public procurement, and build an effective asset disclosure system to fight corruption and improve public sector accountability. 

“This financing will help address fiscal challenges and improve overall governance to build resilience and enhance the delivery of services to the people amidst this global COVID-19 pandemic,” said Gayle Martin, World Bank Country Manager for Sierra Leone. 

The press release states that the programme will focus on two primary objectives: creating the conditions for increased productivity in selected economic sectors, and improving transparency in selected government decision-making processes. 

World Bank Senior Economist and Task Team Leader, Youssouf Kiendrebeogo, said: “The World Bank continues to support the Government’s commitment to tackle difficult and needed reforms to promote inclusive growth.” 

Read the press release here.  

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