Our COVID-19 response programme

Invest Salone is delivering a COVID-19 response programme to support the Government of Sierra Leone’s (GoSL) efforts to reduce the effects of the global pandemic on the private sector. 

Our COVID-19 response programme aims to support selected qualifying businesses to emerge from this crisis, by supporting established supply chains or aiming to establish supply chains that incorporate Sierra Leonean suppliers and small- and medium-sized enterprises. The programme comprises four areas as outlined below. 

Direct support to companies to help them survive the crisis 

We shall provide technical assistance and grants to businesses to test the viability of new business models through the COMPETE Salone facility. Invest Salone is deploying a funding window of immediate support to critical businesses in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and fisheries as well as those whose failure could have severe impacts on the economy (this could include businesses that support the supply of food, communications, transport and logistics). Learn more about COMPETE Salone. 

Public–private dialogue to facilitate a joint response 

Invest Salone is conducting rapid business surveys throughout the country to help the government understand the extent to which COVID-19 has impacted business resilience and critical markets. Findings of the surveys are provided to the government and partners to help to guide their policies and strategies for building the resilience of the private sector.  

We are facilitating a series of dialogues between the private and public sectors on the response to COVID-19. Invest Salone is supporting the Ministry of Finance, and other GoSL ministries, departments, and agencies, as well as the private sector, and international development partners. This work will feed into the GoSL’s Quick Action Economic Response Programme (QAERP). Read about the GoSL QAERP.  

In April, Invest Salone facilitated a virtual public–private dialogue (PPD) forum, led by the Chamber of Commerce, which focussed on achieving a joint GoSL and private sector response to the pandemic. Read more about this PPD forum.  

Action research and analysis 

Invest Salone is conducting just-in-time and on-demand analysis to inform policy discussion and private sector responses. The analysis will be available to the GoSL to help inform the right policy measures to mitigate the impact on the private sector, and will be disseminated to businesses and investors to help them navigate the crisis. 

COVID-19 information portal  

Invest Salone has established a COVID-19 information portal to collate useful information and resources for businesses and investors in Sierra Leone. The online portal provides news updates and highlights resources such as financial instruments available, information on business continuity, health and safety guidelines and safeguarding guidance. This portal is being developed in consultation with businesses and in response to the information requirements of its users. Visit our COVID-19 Information Portal

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