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Explore news on the status of COVID-19 in Sierra Leone and updates on topics including policy, research and business response actions.

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Invest Salone facilitates DFI Roundtable

On 18 September, Invest Salone will hold its second investor engagement workshop to discuss investment approaches, challenges and opportunities for businesses operating in Sierra Leone. The virtual meeting will target Development…

Introducing the Invest Salone website!

Welcome to Invest Salone’s website, where you can find out more about Invest Salone’s aims, goals and progress. As this exciting initiative progresses, the website will announce all the latest…

Invest Salone has officially launched!

Invest Salone is proud to have officially launched on 16 September 2019. Invest Salone is working to catalyse investment in Sierra Leone, making it a place where growth-orientated firms can…